Out-of-Town Clients Advanced Wellness: The Ultimate Perspective on Health

We use the term Advanced Wellness to refer to the ultra healthy lifestyle actively practiced by those committed to prevention, health maintenance and prolonging their life. Clients who adopt the advanced wellness approach to health do not wait to have symptoms or for a disease to develop in order to see a health care professional, nor do they stop follow-up maintenance check-ups once the symptom disappears.

Defining the Various Forms of Medicine

The health care field continues to evolve dramatically. As a result, new terminology has been introduced to classify the different forms of medicine. Our approach at the Advanced Wellness Center is focused on Alternative Medicine in combination with Energy .
MAINSTREAM MEDICINE (Orthodox Medicine or Traditional Medicine)
Conventional Medicine This form of medicine primarily treats symptoms and not the root causes of health issues. It incorporates drugs and surgery as its mode of treatment. Patients primarily see a medical doctor when they experience a symptom, or in cases of emergency. Testing and treatment is typically focused on single body parts at a time.
Alternative Medicine As the name implies this is an alternate to Mainstream Medicine. Alternative Medicine looks at a whole person (holistic) and not just the symptoms. It is concerned with restoring the body's own built-in healing mechanisms. Practitioners of alternative medicine instruct their clientele regarding detoxification, restoring organ systems, proper diet and healthy lifestyle.
Complimentary Medicine This is a blend of mainstream medicine and alternative medicine. It is sometimes referred to as Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).
Alternative Medicine This is a form of Alternative Medicine. It involves the use of energy fields to promote health. Every physical object whether it's a living organism or an inanimate object (a chair, a desk, etc.), is not solid. In fact, everything can be broken down into smaller and smaller particles that are in constant motion (molecules are made up of atoms which in turn hare made up of electrons, protons and neutrons, etc.) As these particles move they generate energy. The movement of energy creates energy fields in and around all objects.
Energy Medicine Energy Medicine is designed to regulate the flow of energy through the body so each of the body parts receives proper energy signals in order to insure proper function. Energy Medicine focuses on the interaction between these fields.

Do you want to be a Client or a Patient?

At the Advanced Wellness Center, we prefer to use the term Client rather than Patient. A Patient is a passive participant in the medical model of eliminating symptoms. He or she takes the prescribed medication, and once the symptoms are gone, they disengage from the doctor's care until it's time for their annual checkup or whenever they experience adverse symptoms. A Client is an active participant, who takes responsibility for his or her health and is fully engaged in the healing process. The doctor works with the client in order to achieve and maintain a state of wellness.

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