"I suffered with terrible body pain for months. My right hand was so locked I couldn't even open it. There were times I cried with the rib pain. My arm felt like fire. My leg also had pain, plus I had headaches, dizziness and fatigue. After turning 50, I decided it was time to take care of myself, beginning with the decision to stop smoking. Great, but soon I was constantly eating sugar. I would get up in the night to eat anything sweet. I didn't realize how bad the sugar eating had gotten. I gained weight and developed a problem with my cholesterol. I did not want to take the medications prescribed by my medical doctor because of side effects, so this doctor said I should stop seeing him. Finally a friend told me to go to Dr. Bernstein that he would put me on the proper supplements and help get my health back."

I did not know anything about Digital Response Technique and the use of cold laser, and knew just a little about chiropractic care, but I was willing to take the step.

Well my experience has been amazing. Soon after going to Dr. Bernstein, I woke up singing in the morning. I do not suffer from the original symptoms anymore. Whatever chiropractic adjustment Dr. Bernstein does works! I learned how to eat and what supplements are right for me. I lost weight. I have more energy. I work hard six nights a week and am starting to work out at the gym. My blood work is great too, no cholesterol. Also people say I look healthy especially around the eyes.

I did not realize that I was on a road to serious disease when I first come to see Dr Bernstein. He has taught me how to take care of myself. He is a wonderful, caring, brilliant doctor and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone."

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