Angelo Canale

I started my journey to lose weight when I stepped on the scale and weighed 245 pounds. Once again, I was going to tough it out and lose all that I had gained from the last diet. I lost approximately 17 pounds, but was really struggling and ready to give up when I was made aware of Dr. Bernstein’s procedure for weight loss.

I made an appointment and with great anxiety went to see Dr. Bernstein. I was greatly surprised at how attentive he was and the evaluation he put me through. After the evaluation, he said I would be good to go on the program. I weighed in at 227 pounds, purchased all the necessary products and went on my way.

To date, I have been on a 1000 calorie a day program. I take the P.H.A.T. homeopathic spray for Appetite & Weight control as instructed. I keep a journal of what my meals consist of and I am now down to 193 pounds, for a total loss of 52 pounds.

There is a myth that says older men or women can’t lose weight easily. I can say from my experience that is not true because I am 74 years old. I started on the program on August 5th and have found it to be very successful. I found it was also beneficial to incorporate exercise. I do 30 minutes on a treadmill for cardio and use weights to tone and strengthen muscles.

I believe it is imperative that the program you set for yourself, you follow to the letter. My advice to anyone doing it is “be disciplined” and you’ll succeed.

Angelo Canale 

Judy Williams

Thank God for Dr. Bernstein and his great team. I have always heard of this weight loss plan and was skeptical; but when I found out that Dr. Bernstein recommended it to his patients, I knew that there must be something good about this P.H.A.T. Weight Loss Plan at Advanced Wellness Center. For about eight years I wanted to lose some extra pounds that I put on after having my first daughter. I eat healthy and exercise, but the fat was stubborn. I had gallbladder, thyroid and acne issues. After going on the weight loss plan I've lost 25 lbs in 6 weeks, my gall bladder feels clean, and my skin looks like a baby from drinking all the water required. Praise the Lord! Judy Williams, 35+ years old and mother of two children

Eddie Long

It was hard for me to come to grips with giving up a lot of sweets that I was used to eating but the homeopathic spray really helped.    On the Advanced Wellness Center Weight Loss Program, I also gave up gluten which I found much easier to give up because of the results I started to feel.   Before I started the program, for years I averaged a headache at least two times a week; however, the more I went gluten-free, the more I was headache-free.  It was amazing.   

As far as the diet, I decided to do the 500 calorie and lost weight the first week.  I was very motivated.  By the end of three weeks, I lost 21 pounds which was better than my goal that I set.  It was encouraging to see that the weight came off fairly easy overall.   Now, I am starting my fourth week of maintenance and have had no problem with gaining.  I am adding different foods back a little at a time as the program suggests.

I am feeling better than I have in a long time and plan to start exercising regularly to keep myself in good health.  Thanks to the Advanced Wellness Center Weight Loss Program, I am headache-free and I feel so much healthier.    


Eddie Long

50 plus years old




Size 4 (some size 2 & 6)

I am 4’ 10 ½“ in height and it was always hard for me as a short person to lose weight. This time, I did it with God’s help and dieting under Dr. David Bernstein at the Advanced Wellness Center. The product he uses is a Homeopathic Spray and it seemed to work miracles. It was most helpful to keep my Pituitary, Hypothalamus, Adrenals, and Thyroid balanced while dieting and my cravings down.

This was the most motivating diet that I ever did. I lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks and I have kept it off. I did the 6 weeks of Maintenance from July 11 – August 22nd and have kept it off since. It’s now 2 months past Maintenance. The weight started dropping off right away so I was encouraged almost every day by my progress. When I didn’t see the scales going down, I saw the inches coming off and the clothes feeling loose.

I did the Quick Weight Loss which was 500 Calories a day. It was a discipline and hard at times, but for the most part, because of the Homeopathic Spray, it was very doable. I did feel weak some days, but I got through it by just using the sprays and drinking more water. I just took some extra B Vitamins which gave me energy when I was on the Very Low Calorie Diet and Magnesium to help with my bowels.

After being in size 12 dresses and large blouses, I am now enjoying size 4 and small blouses. I feel like I’ve gotten my life back. I have so much energy that I am excited about life again.

I had Sleep Apnea for years and slept every night with a full face mask. You could imagine my joy when my doctor took me off my C-Pap machine after the weight loss over two months ago.

Joan from Boca Raton

Starting to get better Lab Reports after being on the Weight Loss Program

Joan from Boca Raton reports

Oct. 2010 – Cholesterol – 220

            and Triglycerides – 200


Oct. 2011 – Cholesterol – 169

            and Triglycerides - 95



After years of trying to lose weight, I was definitely thinking that I was going to have to carry around this weight forever!


People have approached me numerous times and suggested different products  to try, but I was always afraid to take anything to lose weight.  When Dr. Bernstein suggested his Weight Loss Program with P.H.A.T. Homeopathic Spray,  I had never heard of it; however, I didn’t hesitate because he would never give me anything that would do harm to my body.


I lost 30 lbs in 6 weeks and have never had more fun.   Every day I went to the scale and there was a weight loss.  The sprays took care of my hunger and cravings.  This was the easiest diet I have every tried. I had a horrible problem with sugar and carbohydrates and I can now happily say, I don’t even miss them!!!


I am only on my 2nd week of Phase 3, so I still have more weight to lose.  I love the way my body is transforming.  It is different this time because I am losing fat instead of muscle.


This experience has been life changing and I will always be grateful to Dr. Bernstein.  That inner skinny person has emerged!!


The next fun thing in my life is going shopping for all those new size clothes I now need!!


Bye, bye............going to the mall!!!!


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