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Dr. Bernstein is the inventor of Digital Response Technique (DRT), a method of assessing the energy flow through all parts of the body. The United States Patent Office awarded him a patent for Digital Response Technique because of its uniqueness and accuracy in detecting and correcting the root causes of health issues. Dr. Bernstein treats conditions like: allergies, attention deficit disorder, blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, headaches, hormonal imbalances, and more

Functional medicine and weight loss by Chiropractor Dr. Bernstein

Dr. Bernstein - nutritionist, chiropractor, holistic health practitioner- weight loss specialist - provides functional medicine for a variety of conditions like: allergies, high blood pressure, headaches, and obesity in the greater Fort Lauderdale Area.

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Blood Nutrition

Learn about Blood Nutrition Analysis and how it may be beneficial for your health.
Allergies & disorders treatments

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ZYTO Technology

The latest assessment technology for our local and long-distance clients. Nutritional supplements & health choices 

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Advanced Wellness

Understanding the ultimate perspective on health is an important step in getting your health & allergies under control.

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Take a look at some options we have to help your health with a patient-centered holistic functional medicine approach.

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Dr. Bernstein offers a variety of educational lectures, workshops & wellness seminars about holistic and functional medicine.

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We offer a variety of health supplements. Functional holistic approach for treatment of allergies and other health disorders.
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U.S. Patent No. 7,217,281 B2
What is DRT?
How does DRT work?
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Dr. Bernstein's Advanced Wellness Center provides holistic functional medicine for the treatment of conditions like: allergies, attention deficit disorder, blood pressure, digestive disorders, cholesterol, depression, headaches, migraines, heavy metal toxicity, hormonal imbalance, obesity (Weight Loss), osteoporosis, P.M.S., prostate issues, sinus, skin disorders (acne, eczema & psoriasis), body pain, urinary tract infection for patients in the greater Fort Lauderdale Area - Broward County
Nutritionist - Chiropractor - Holistic Health practitioner