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Cholesterol: “I had been taking prescription drugs for high cholesterol since the 1980’s. I even tried red yeast rice, but the total Cholesterol was still 260, plus the Triglycerides were off. Just 5 weeks of Dr. Bernstein’s program brought my cholesterol down to the normal level of 170. “

GERD: ” I also had a pain in my abdomen for 3 years. Doctors performed an upper GI, a lower GI and more costing over $6,000. My heart stopped during the upper GI for 2 minutes. After one adjustment by Dr. Bernstein on my rib there was no pain! I no longer have to take medication for GERD either!”

“I am excited. I am thinking more clearly and I have more energy. After taking medication for 30 years, I no longer have to take it. I also lost 12 pounds. My overall health has improved and I feel great.”