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Ulcer / Acid Reflux: “Years of extensive testing by gastro doctors, internal medicine doctors and a cardiologist resulted in no clear diagnosis and medication that would not address the ulcer of acid reflux. Over time chest pressure started to develop. When my hair started falling out and I developed a pain under my right rib cage I decided to seek alternative help from Dr. Bernstein for these 2 symptoms. As an afterthought I mentioned the fatigue, acid reflux, gastro problems I’d been suffering from for 17 years. Dr. Bernstein easily found that my gallbladder was the issue. The supplement he recommended got rid of the acid reflux feeling within minutes of taking them and now almost 2 months later, I still have almost ¾ of the bottle left and don’t remember the last time I had to even take them. I no longer take the prescribed medication and my hair is no longer falling out but in fact is getting thicker. I haven’t felt this good in at least 17 years. I am free of the pains that I felt in the past. I am now able to focus on my future instead of fearing what the future has in store for me. This experience has given me a positive outlook on my health. By educating myself with the natural approach to healthcare, I have taken control of my physical (and also mental) wellbeing. Thank you.” VERA

Diarrhea: “Every time I ate a meal no matter how little, I would have to run to the bathroom and would pass nothing but black water. It was very frightening. I thought it was the end of me and that I was going to die. I even taught my husband how to use the washing machine. I went to the hospital and they promised me they would cure the diarrhea. After my stay there, they gave me medicine and it would work for a day, but the problem would come right back. It seemed no doctor could help me. I was getting very thin and pale. I couldn’t go anywhere. I’m an artist, but was so discouraged and weak, I stopped painting”.

“Now my life has changed. I feel like a normal functioning human being again and life is worth living again. I can go out again without being fearful of getting a reaction. I can go to the club and dance a little again, I go for walks. I see that my mind is becoming active and I have ideas for painting again. I’m beginning to look better and am not as pale anymore. I am sure that I owe my miraculous comeback to Dr. Bernstein.”


Constipation: ” I thank you very much for the help you gave me. For years and years I was having problems with constipation and no doctor suggested to me to cut out gluten. My ignorance did not help. But you told me to avoid gluten, I did and I feel much better. Now I can even wear dresses and skirts which I haven’t worn for plus or minus 15 years due to my big belly – big not from fat, but from bloating. I’ll always be grateful to you.”