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“My health was so bad, although I wasn’t too sure about going in this direction, I had to come in and see Dr. Bernstein. I had been to 3 cardiologists, 3 pulmonologists and 2 internists. All were in total confusion —no one knew what to do and when all was said and done I had no positive results. When a gracious and very concerned friend told me about Dr. Bernstein and offered to pay for my treatment, I consented to go.”

Fainting and Extreme Fatigue: “I was fainting 5-6 times a day. I was short of breath to where I couldn’t run even ten steps. My resting heart rate was so low, on two occasions it was thought I had died during the night. I was sleeping approximately 18 hours a day — I was so tired. I would sleep 10 hours at night and still wake up tired. I’d drive the 20 minutes to work go up the one story stairs and call my wife to say I have to take a nap. After my nap, I would work until 10 a.m. and take another nap in one of the offices until noon. I would then go home for lunch sleep until 4 p.m. I’d get up and by 6 p.m. was going to bed again for the night. This is what sent me to the hospital — I couldn’t function.”

Tailbone: “I had chronic pain for 8 years. It was the result of an injury to the tail bone due to a water ski accident, followed 6 months later by a gymnastics accident, followed by a roller blade accident all to the same area and within the same year. I couldn’t sit on my tailbone for very long at all and had to sit on my side. If a meeting was too long, I had to stand. “

Amazing Results: “Today, I ran 1 hour on 2 different machines in the gym and there was no fainting. I have no more shortness of breath. I no longer suffer from tail bone pain. I am doing karate, gymnastics and expect to be barefoot water skiing this summer.”