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“I chose to follow Dr. Bernstein’s protocol instead of the MD recommended 6 months of chemo and radiation after the removal of a cancerous ovary. Dr. Bernstein told me we would lick this without the chemo, but that I had to listen to and do everything he told me. He taught me how to eat and helped me to understand how the body works. I was weak but in time I started to wake up to life.”

“I had suffered with severe abdominal cramps since 1988 but my medical doctor and gynecologist kept telling me everything was fine. One day at my insistence that something be done, the MD ordered a CT scan and one ovary showed a cyst. I was told it would go away on its own, but I continued to have monthly pain. Eventually my stomach became swollen and there was rectal bleeding. In 1996, at age 45, I couldn’t take the pain anymore. I barely got myself to the emergency room. Emergency surgery showed a tumor the size of a small basketball. They removed the tumor, the ovary, and decided to take my appendix out for good measure – meaning it was removed to rule out possible future developments, not because there was anything wrong with it. The MD noticed with amazement that the cancer was confined to one are and had not attached itself to any other organ, even the other ovary. He said it could have been much more severe if I was not in as good a shape as I was in. I am convinced that it was due to the outstanding nutrition and diet that Dr. Bernstein put me on.

“It has been 2 years now since the follow-up scans every 6 months have stopped. Last time the oncologist said “what are you doing here, you look great!” I feel alive again. Everything smells good and looks good.”


Human Papiloma Virus: “My most recent biopsy testing for HPV came back normal! I had been to two OBGYN’s who both recommended the LEEP procedure. I already had dysplasia- irregular cells on my cervix and I certainly did not want a virus that can lead to cervical cancer. The second OBGYN gave me the less recommended option of a biopsy every 4 months. I followed Dr. Bernstein’s nutritional guidelines and not only has my overall health improved, but I have more physical and emotional energy. Previously I would feel exhausted by 3-4 p.m., now I’m active with my children (reading, dancing, laughing) after school. I’m enjoying life more. Thank you! “