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Rife Technology

The Light and Sound generator (Rife Technology) is a device that generates different energetic frequencies that are delivered into the body to accomplish healing on various levels.

Muscle Balancing
Muscle balancing is important for holding proper spinal alignment and adjustments
Gentle manipulation of the spine, extremities, cranium and even viscera. Energy flow is disturbed and communication is impaired when organs (viscera) are out of alignment.
Meridian Balancing / Clearing
The energy in the body flows through canals called Acupuncture Meridians. When they become impaired, they can cause many health issues. We balance meridians without needles and then address the underlying cause of the imbalance.
Lifestyle Counseling
Oftentimes habits and emotional traumas can have detrimental effects on an individual’s health, impeding their healing. We promote a healthy balance between the body’s 3 main components, the physical, the emotional and the spiritual.
All of the information we gather about our clients helps us to determine the nutritional protocols that are specific for each client.