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Multiple Sclerosis: ” Severe numbness and tingling was affecting the right side of my body. I would have to use a contraption to exercise my legs and other muscles each day. I could walk, but it was like walking on a numb leg. Night sweats were such that my wife and I had to throw out the corroded mattress from the oils and what I learned later from Dr. Bernstein were actually toxins. There was also extreme fatigue to the point where I would feel like I could almost fall over. MD tests resulted in the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. I was given immune suppressants designed to reduce the number of attacks on the myelin sheath on the brain. I was also given injections. The side effects were horrible – migraines, muscle stiffness, sinus pressure. I was on them for one year and still had 3 relapses in one year. I stayed on the injections for 2.5 years and continued them for 1 ½ years. Depression came over me as I thought I would have to be in this condition for the rest of my adult life.”

“Dr. Bernstein found there was practically no energy going through my right leg and that the condition had started to go to the left leg. It would have certainly progressed to the left side had it not been caught. He also found that it was a very high level of toxins that caused the symptoms. Mercury was a major one and it stemmed from vaccinations. Under his care, I started chelation therapy and continued addressing the multiple layers of toxins in my body. “

“As a child I took many epinephrine shots due to severe Asthma. As it turns out the mercury used as a preservative in those shots, was still in my body from childhood. It took about 18-24 months for as sick as I was, to get to a place where I had hope and could take a vacation without worry.”

“Everything has changed now. My whole outlook is different. I thought the situation was dyer and would have been the same for the duration of my life. I don’t even think about it now. My body is healthy and that illness is a distant memory. Doctors cannot explain this turnaround. If not for Dr. Bernstein and the DRT system, my life would have taken an entirely different path.”