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An Intake Interview. (Intake Forms must be completed prior to your first appointment. Click here to access forms)


DRT Testing by Dr. Bernstein (click here for more on DRT)



A Verbal Summary of Findings from Dr. Bernstein



Auxiliary Testing on adults. (Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index, Thyroflex, Urine, Basic Saliva, etc.)


Rife Technology – often recommended .(Click here for more on Rife Technology)


The Supplement Protocol (specific to your body) is prioritized and explained (Click here for more)


General Dietary Guidelines for your metabolic type are also reviewed

Clients usually need about 2 ½ hours to complete all the above, possibly longer if they are an out-of-town resident.




Come with your forms already filled-in & bring available narrative reports and recent blood tests

If you have questions, call us at 954-565-4440, ext. 206 or click here


You’ll find it helpful if you bring your medication and nutritional supplements

If you bring the actual product, we can test it on you to determine its effectiveness.

Please continue to take your blood pressure and other critical medications.


Please do not eat two hours before your first visit


Please remember this is a SCENT-FREE environment. NO PERFUMES, COLOGNES OR ESSENTIAL OILS


Kindly Observe Our Strict Late Cancellation or Reschedule Policy

Significant doctor and staff time is set aside for our clients, especially on the first appointment. Therefore we request notification of appointment changes to be made by the prior business day (not always the day before the appointment, see definition below). This policy allows us to give those on our waiting list needing urgent care, the courtesy of enough notice to make arrangements to see Dr. Bernstein.

Barring a serious excuse for not showing up or changing your appointment without sufficient notice, unfortunately the Advance Wellness Center will:

  1. Charge a late change/ missed appointment fee to your credit card. This fee ranges from half to the full amount of the appointment fee, depending on how late the cancellation, is communicated. (A credit card number is required when you make the appointment. If a credit card is unavailable, a money order, check or cash is required prior to your appointment).
  2. The Advanced Wellness Center will not reschedule clients a third time if they twice do not call in advance to communicate an appointment change.

It is preferred that appointment changes be communicated by phone (please leave a message if we are out) not via e-mail, as we may not always be able to check our e-mails in a timely manner. You may also fax appointment changes to Client Services at (954) 565-5312.

Prior Business Day Defined:

A business day is a day we are open. If your appointment is on Wednesday, because we are closed on Tuesday, you would need to call no later than Monday morning to reschedule or cancel your appointment. If your appointment is on a Monday, since we are closed Sunday, Saturday and Friday afternoon, you would need to call us no later than Friday morning (we are in the office until noon on Fridays) to inform us of your change in plans. Our office is closed Tuesday, Friday afternoon, Saturday, Sunday and some holidays. Therefore these days do not count as previous business days. We will be pleased to clarify this further if you have any questions.

Kindly Take Our Scent-Free Environment Seriously

On behalf of our clients who suffer from chemical sensitivities, we ask you to please not wear Perfume, Cologne, Natural Aromatic Oils, etc. whenever you come to our office. The alcohol in perfume and the scents themselves are highly toxic to clients already overwhelmed with toxins in their liver or who otherwise genetically cannot process toxins efficiently. These substances can literally cause a crisis requiring emergency intervention. Because many who routinely use a scented product may not smell them, and clothing tends to carry perfume scents from the previous time it was worn, we advise you to wear freshly washed clothes. Should you arrive wearing a scented product, we apologize, but will need to ask you to wait in the building lobby and there is a possibility we may not be able to see you at all that day. We deeply appreciate your cooperation.

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