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PHASE 1 – Ready Phase

That is when we prepare the filtering organs (liver, kidneys and bowel) and get them ready for the detoxification process

PHASE 3 – Restore Phase

During this portion of our treatment plan, we work on strengthening and restoring all parts of the body to peak efficiency.

Phases of Care

The body is amazing. Given the right basics, a healthy body works to steadily repair itself. We at the Advanced Wellness Center observe there are 4 distinct phases of care which correspond to the body’s healing mechanism. Once we have reviewed the findings from the initial evaluation, we then establish a treatment plan which parallels these phases.

PHASE 2 – Remove Phase

During this phase we focus on removing toxins (pesticides, heavy metals, microorganisms, etc.).

PHASE 4 – Retain Phase

Our objective during this phase is to retain all the health issues that were corrected and maintain an overall state of advanced wellness.