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Digital Response Technique (DRT)

This is the core of our evaluation. It identifies the root cause(s) of health issues and prioritizes which organ systems are malfunctioning and why. DRT can identify:

  • The supplement protocol specific to each client;
  • Misalignments;
  • Nutritional Imbalances;
  • Toxin levels;
  • Hormone Imbalances;
  • Allergens; and
  • So much more.

Additional Testing

Screens for various conditions including gout, dehydration, gall bladder issues, urinary tract infections, kidney disease, diabetes and liver disease.

Blood Pressure
Flags potential stroke, adrenal exhaustion and other cardiovascular and kidney disorders.

Saliva pH
Identifies the acid level in the body’s tissues; indicates the body’s capacity to heal; and determines it’s susceptibility to degenerative diseases.

Offers a pain-free and cost effective way of measuring the thyroid function with a simple reflex test. The patented and FDA approved Thyroflex technology is currently the only non-invasive tool available to measure thyroid function at its cellular level and it has a 98% accuracy rating


Optional Testing

Saliva Hormone Testing
More effective than blood hormone tests because saliva hormone tests measure the active form of the hormones in the tissues of the body.

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
This software identifies whether your lab results truly fall within healthy ranges, called “functional ranges.” Most labs establish their “normal ranges” by averaging the previous year’s test results. This factors in test results of those who were unhealthy, affecting calculations. Functional blood chemistry analysis is extremely helpful in accurately specifying blood chemistry levels as they relate to various health conditions.

All of the information we gather about our clients helps us to determine and custom tailor the nutritional and lifestyle protocols that are specific for each client.


DRT is a unique procedure that determines the bioelectric flow through all parts of the body and identifies underlying causes of health issues within a matter of minutes.
The United States Patent Office awarded Dr. Bernstein, who devoted 30 years to its development, a patent for DRT’s uniqueness and effectiveness. The patent acknowledges DRT as “a method for detecting and correcting the causes of health issues”.
The Basis of DRT: Health is Less About How You Feel and more about how your body is communicating internally..
One of the main ways the body communicates its health status is by way of symptoms – how you feel. But you can’t always rely on symptoms alone to determine your health status because the earlier stages of certain conditions, such as heart disease or cancer, do not always result in obvious symptoms. By the time they manifest it might require extreme intervention.
Measuring Energy Flow is an Efficient Way to determine Your True Health..
The internal communication system within the body keeps you in good health or on the road toward achieving good health. If energy is not flowing properly, then the signals to various organs will be blocked, leading to malfunction and ultimately to disease and early death. At its root, all disease and early death begins with a breakdown in the flow of energy.


DRT serves to translate data from the client to the health care practitioner. It is similar to an interface such as a printer cable. The printer cable has an interface on either end and when it connects the printer and the computer it enables them to exchange information. Like the printer cable, the DRT system is a device that allows two dissimilar systems, the client’s body and the doctor’s brain, to connect together, thus allowing the doctor to access information about the client’s health status.

  • The first principle to grasp is that science shows that everything everything vibrates at specific frequencies – from living organisms to inanimate objects 
  • DRT requires the client to hold certain vials that contain specific energy frequencies that correspond to different parts of the body.
  • The doctor has the client perform a specific muscle test as the client holds these vials and touches a sequence of numbered vials.
  • When the client touches the numbered vial that causes his muscle to become strong, this number indicates the degree of energy flow functioning through that that part of the body. The muscle response is based on quantum physics and a scientific phenomenon known as resonance.
  • The DRT system also enables the practitioner to determine the root cause(s).

DRT is a means of translating the body’s energy into a language that the practitioner can understand and determine a course of action that will correct the root cause. You cannot correct a health issue unless you address the underlying cause.